DJ and Producer

                - Aspiring Superstar-DJ and Platinum Producer
                - Likes:  Making beats in his basement 

                - Dislikes: 
                - First Festival: Electric Love Festival


                DJ and Social Media

                - Aspiring Superstar-DJ and YouTuber
                - Likes: Pizza, Memes, MtG, Sunglasses, Stonks
                - Dislikes: Mushrooms, Dentist
                - First Festival: SMS Festival


Our Story

Quirin Eberl and Christoph Fuchs were born with a love of music. Quirin tried his hand at various instruments as a child before he was given his first mixer, which accompanied him until young adulthood. Christoph actually wanted to become a drummer, but the lack of teachers forced him to learn guitar. Today he is happy about this development, because it allowed him to gain experience in songwriting and finally, in the context of his bands, to slip into the role of a music producer and recording engineer for the first time. 

Quirin and Christoph met for the first time when they started studying business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. They immediately developed a close friendship, which was further strengthened by their shared interest in music. At that time, Quirin often had his beloved mixer set up in his dorm room and the two had their first jam sessions. 

At the same time Christoph noticed that he was not completely enthusiastic about business administration and therefore decided to change to the creative study course MultimediaArt. There he learned the basics of electronic music and was able to expand his knowledge in the areas of music production, mixing and mastering. This is how the paths of Quirin and Christoph, who originally came from completely different musical backgrounds, crossed and with House and EDM a foundation was found on which the concept of the Miami Boys is based to this day. 

The two gained experience as DJs at events at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. In the meantime, the two can also boast performances at the Soda Club and Club Halfmoon Salzburg, Camera in Passau, as well as Tonwerk and 10er in Erding. 

Since the beginning of 2021, the Miami Boys have been releasing songs regularly on Spotify and Soundcloud and have already collaborated with artists such as Jones Vendera, Karl Kayzer and Luke Bergs in the course of this. The feature was added to the night rotation of radio station Welle 1 in May 2021 and landed the pair a half-hour interview in which they were asked about their motivations and goals. 
Notable labels they have worked with so far are Big Smile Records (Rene Rodriguez), Late Hour Music (Dame, Mace), Attack (Jones Vendera), Plasmapool (Mord Fustang) and Bass Rebels.

Due to the different focus of their education, Quirin and Christoph complement each other perfectly in the duo. Quirin takes care of marketing, social media and PR, while Christoph is responsible for writing, producing and mixing songs. At live performances, the forces are finally combined and explode in a firework of energy and joie de vivre, which is transmitted to the party guests. 

Meanwhile, the ambitious musicians can point to 135,000 Spotify streams in a period of less than a year. However, that's not enough for them by a long shot. Their designated goals are 1,000,000 streams by the end of 2023 and live performances at festivals such as Electric Love and Ultra Music in Miami. 

If you keep a close eye on the music landscape, you'll notice that it's important to recognize trends early and not chase them. For this reason, the Miami Boys have decided not to swim with the current of slap house producers, but to follow the underground sound of future rave, influenced by the pioneers David Guetta and Morten. There they were able to gain a foothold in the manageable community very early on and are in close contact with the biggest future rave fan sites on Instagram. 

Band Bio

If you think they have toured the whole globe and played at the biggest festivals worldwide - you are completely wrong! BUT!!! Electronic DJ-duo Miami Boys are taking you on a journey from the beach of Ibiza to the middle of a dancing crowd at Tomorrowland with a layover at the 
Underground Clubs of London within their infamous sets.

Mainly focused on House and EDM, they are also playing remixes of recent radio hits and all-time classics to make you sing and dance along. 

At the moment, they are working on songs for Spotify, while releasing monthly Radio Shows with their favourite songs. 
Be part of the journey and stay tuned for more.
Rave on!